Terms & Conditions
-Admin Fee - R150 or Zlto payment, to be submitted with your scholarship application (non-refundable, even after you can no longer commit to any of the courses you applied for)
-Your scholarship application will only be processed upon payment of admin fee and a copy of ID.
-Each applicant is allowed to apply for as many courses as you wish to in a semester.
-Should one of your chosen courses overlap in dates, you will only be selected to attend the one that starts first.
-Every applicant is promised to get a seat upon his/her application if the course should still be open and all pre-required documentation is submitted.
-The scholarship covers your course fees for the duration of your courses.
-If you do not attend the first session of your course/module, you will be removed from the course and you will not be allowed to complete the course
-Should you not be able to make it for your course/session, you will not be a allowed to switch or make up for the session in another course in the same semester.
-A 100% attendance for each course/module is required in order to receive a certificate of attendance.
-Upon completion of your course you can decide if you would like to get a certificate at the cost of R50 each or download a digital version by logging into your student portal.
-All student communication must be via email, telephone or iif in person consult with the RLabsU hub manager or student liaison.
- No kids are allowed in the classroom during sessions.
Disclaimer: RLabs cannot be held liable for any injury, loss, or damage to any life or personal belongings whilst on the property.